This commission oversees the worship ministries of our parish – not only the Weekly Service, but Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Pentecost.

Worship:  Fr. Rick Wilson, COMMISSION CHAIR

Music Related Ministries

  • Organist / David Gay, Ph.D.
  • Musician-in-Residence / Jennifer Lopez
  • Cantor / Jennnifer Lopz

Altar Related Ministries

  • Altar Guild / Eleanor Sergi
  • Lay Eucharistic Ministry / Michael Shaughnessy

Special Support Services

  • Ushers / Donna Kelleher
  • Lectors and Intercessors / Jim Nelson
  • Healing Prayers / Susan Johnston

Contact information is available in your directory or can be received by calling the office at 298-9782 or by emailing us.