In concert with the Vestry, this commission works to provide for both the financial (fiscal) and physical maintenance of the church. They chair annual and ongoing stewardship programs, capital stewardship programs, the endowment program, and the care/upkeep of buildings and lands.

Stewardship:  Jim Nelson, COMMISSION CHAIR

Facilities Related

  • Buildings and Grounds / Tricia Galvin and Allan Jones
  • Memorial Garden / Allan Jones
  • Green Team:  Darrel Zuke

Administration Related

  • Office Ministers’ Coordinator / Caroline Smith
  • Registrar / Caroline Smith

Finance Related

  • Treasurer / Bob Crecca
  • Money Counting / Allan Jones
  • Finance Committee  / Carl Genthner
  • Stewardship Committee / Jim Nelson

Contact information is available in your directory or can be received by calling the office at 298-9782 or by emailing us.